The NCHER e-Library is a collaborative effort to provide the latest and most complete source of reference materials relating to higher education financing and the federal loan programs.

We are currently reviewing the e-Library content and will be making changes to the retention of older items over the next several months.

To submit suggested changes to the NCHER e-Library or to offer an opinion on which materials should be retained, please make your suggestions via email to info@ncher.org.


The NCHER e-Library has many sections of information. So many, in fact that they will not all fit in the sub-menu of the e-Library in the header of the website. The following index of topics should assist you with your browsing of the NCHER e-Library. You may also use the search feature located at the bottom of the page to find information. 



A listing of major topics and of materials that are contained in the NCHER e-Library’s pages / menu sub-headings.



  • Common Manual resources are now located on the

  • CFPB

  • Consumer Protecting Forms and Documents

  • FCC Documents

  • Laws, Rules & Regulations

  • Federal Consumer Protection Law Links

  • Current Year Daily Briefings

  • Daily Briefing Archives (2020-2022)

  • Daily Briefings from prior to 2020 have been archived.

  • Definitions of the Types of DCLs

  • Electronic Announcements 2019-20 Forms and Pandemic Guidance Only

  • General (GEN) 2016-20 Key FFELP DCLs and Disaster | Pandemic Only 

  • Dear Colleague Letters from previous years have been archived from the website

  • CARES Act

  • Pandemic Guidance

  • Disaster Guidance

  • CommonRecord CommonLine℠ (CRC) Documentation

  • CommonLine℠ R4 and R5 Documentation

  • CommonLine℠ Testing Tools

  • CAM (Common Account Maintenance)

  • Electronic Data Exchange Documentation

  • Implementation Status

  • Rehabilitation Notification File for FFELP

Historic Initiatives

  • Contains Key Dear Colleague Letters, Documents, Manuals, Guides, & Guidance from over 30 years of the FFEL Program.

  • Student Loan Ombudsman

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Student Loan Ombudsman

  • Definitions of Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans

  • Repayment Plans

  • Repayment Tips

  • Additional Information and Links Related to Student Loan Repayment

  • Industry Manuals & Guides: AWG, Common Claims, GAFR, etc. 

  • NSLDS Specifications & Publications

  • U.S. Dept. of ED Handbooks, Manuals, & Guides: Audit Review Guides, Cohort Default Rate Guides

  • Presentations from Recent Conferences and Events (2023)

  • Presentation Archives (2016-2022)

  • Presentations from 2015 and earlier have been archied from the website.

  • Americorps Online Payment System

  • Borrower Contact Matrix

  • FFELP/DL Comparison

  • Glossary of Initials and Acronyms

  • Spanish Glossary 

  • Financial Literacy Materials

  • Identity Theft Awareness Initiative

  • Industry Best Practices

  • Interest Rate Information

  • Military & Servicemember Resources

  • Other Non-Subregulatory Letter Guidance

  • 9-11 Attacks Guidance

  • Regs Topical Index

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge

  • Higher Education Act (HEA) and Integrations

  • Negotiated Rulemaking Materials, Integrations, and Consensus Docuements

  • Regulations Integrations

  • Other Student Loan-Related Regulations

  • Training Modules

  • NPRMs, Industry Comments, Final Rules, NCHER Regulations Committee Prepared Side-by-Side Documents and Integrations sorted by year and topic dating back to 1986.

  • General Training

  • Gainful Employment

  • Program Integrity

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