Meteor ® connected students and financial aid professionals to real-time financial aid data. Information was comprehensive and easy-to-understand, helping students to manage their student loan debt while in school and navigate the repayment process after they graduated.

The concept for Meteor – a network to provide aggregated financial aid information to schools and students – was developed in the spring of 2000 by executives from the nation’s guaranty agencies and other student loan providers at a meeting sponsored by the National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs (NCHELP).

In February 2011, Meteor was acquired by the National Student Clearinghouse, which was committed to preserving Meteor as an open source, timely, student-specific financial aid resource. Meteor was supposed to remain a collaborative effort within the financial aid community to demystify and aggregate access to student loan information. However, the National Student Clearinghouse has apparently deprecated the initiative.

For more information on Meteor, contact the National Student Clearinghouse.


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